Monday, July 6, 2009

Ya'll I have to stop the madness

Once again I felt brave and crazy and we gathered ourselves up and went to New Orleans for a day trip. But this time we went with my cousin Kia and her husband David. So we all rode together in their car which is roomy but that car seat takes up a lot of space so Kia and I crammed in the back with Bubs. I should mention that Kia is tall and her husband likes to spread out when he drives apparently because his seat was pushed all the way back and she was folded up like a sardine. I told her to sit behind BT since he doesn't need as much leg room but she didn't so whatever. We went to the aquarium (of which I have no pics since we forgot our camera) and it was nice since it was cool inside. By the time we got there however I was already ready to kill someone.

Bless their hearts, but they have no idea how to schedule time when they have a toddler with them and boo on BT and me for not saying so. When we got to New Orleans Kia was hungry so we walked down to the Riverwalk to eat, which was our first mistake. It was hot in there and I forget that the food is not the best. Bubs is already freaking out since we didn't stop to see the dinosaur outside the aquarium and he is tired, hot, and unhappy. Then we walked back to the aquarium and waited in line to get tickets and Bubs is still trying to see the dinosaur and we don't let him. Then inside he is happy running around going Fish! Fish! and all is okay. But he is still stuck on the dinosaur and wants me to hold him the whole time. But I'm hot and aggravated and I think he needs to walk some or get in the stroller. And then...

he see the white alligator but BT wants him to go to the touching room first and thus begins a total meltdown. Alligator, I see alligator and BT is trying to get him to play, but there will be none of that. So finally I said let's just see the damn alligator and Kia & David are lagging behind since I don't think they wanted to be in our little group by then (not that I blame them, I didn't either). So we see the alligator, which is HUGE, and we are happy.

Then we went and walked down the Quarter and showed David some of New Orleans, of which he didn't seem impressed, and that was about it. We walked to Bourbon and BT (& David) got a hand grenade for BT's birthday and Bubs slept in his stroller and that was fine. The car ride home was long and tiring and Bubs got a little stir-crazy and we of the backseat fell asleep and I have little fingernails indentations in my skin from the little man and I learned never to wear a long dress to walk around New Orleans. Oh and I'm not going back until it cools off. I'm done with New Orleans for now and that's that. It's too damn hot.

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