Monday, May 4, 2009

Like a huge splotchy freak

When I was younger, I use to go to a tanning bed. I am naturally very pale and don't spend a lot of time outdoors so I needed something to get me started. Also it was relaxing. Twelve minutes alone with no one to talk to and not having to worry about anything else. But it turns out that's bad for you like most good things so I quit that (also I didn't have any money so there was that.)

Recently (yesterday) I decided to try a self tanner at home. I used a spray mist tanner which seemed to work okay, but then I woke up this morning and that is so not the case. I missed A LOT of areas and now I'm very splotchy and stuck wearing a jacket at work all day today. I had bought some tanning towelettes (which I should have tried first) and this morning rubbed on one of those to try to even things out but I don't know how well it worked. Normally I could just wait it out but I have a funeral tomorrow and I don't want to look insane but I don't know what would be best, trying to lighten it or spraying on the light spots to darken those. I do know that I'm not going to do this again, or at least not use a home spray on tanner. That was a huge mistake. Maybe being pale is just the way to go.


  1. oh no! The first {and only} experience I had with self tanner was in college. I decided I needed to try it out before applying and volunteered my husband (then boyfriend). I drew circles on his back and we waited... and waited... and waited. And then it they looked like weird pumpkin hickeys... So I threw the rest away.

    I hope yours washes off quickly!

  2. It takes more time, but I recommend the tanning moisturizers. You apply them every day and (very) gradually build up a tan. More specifically, the one Jergens makes is good, although I'm not wild about the smell. Sephora makes a really good one and it actually smells good, but of course it's a little more price ($18 a bottle). The nice thing about the gradual application is that you can see if you're getting any uneven spots before they become too noticeable.