Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things, er, blogs

Like everyone, I have blogs that I visited everyday or check weekly depending on my mood and how busy I am. I, of course, am obsessed with Twitter and keep it open all day at work and at home too. I have a book Twitter too so that I can share books with people and then I have my personal Twitter for the other stuff I like and for my life. The same thing goes for my blogs: I have this one for personal things and whatever and I have a book blog, just for that. And I have a Facebook, which I checked daily, and a Myspace that I never check and am thinking of deleting anyway.

But there are websites that I love and have on occasion obsessed about. Here they are, in very little order, my favorite blogs:

Occupation: Girl - Cleolinda Jones
I first found her blog when doing a search on Breaking Dawn reactions after Amazon blew up when all the Twihards started freaking out. Up til Breaking Dawn, I was just straight up in love with those books but that book just did something to me. Anyway, I found her recaps of BD and then read the rest of her Twilight recaps and commentary and I was hooked and was now in it for the lulz. She was posting everyday but lately she's giving herself a much needed rest and is posting every couple of days or so. Her main thing right now is The Secret Life of Dolls which is about the adventures of her, um, dolls including The Littlest Edward, a bunch of Lord of the Ring dolls, Lyra Belacqua, and a lot more. Look, it's funny, just trust me. She is a writer working on a steampunk/vampire? book and she talks about that too. She also wrote a book called Movies in Fifteen Minutes (which I own) and has posted some online including Twilight the movie. I could fangirl her so much more but 1. I don't want to sound creepy and 2. it could get really long so let's just say she's awesome and move on.

eric three thousand

I found him one day looking for Project Runway recaps. His are very funny and very accurate. He makes up dialogue and talks about the designs. He also does Top Chef which is another of my favorite shows and has started doing The Fashion Show from Bravo. He is very funny if you like these shows.

Libba Bray - the author, of course!

I LOVE A Great and Terrible Beauty so I went looking for her website and found her blog. I use to check weekly but now it's more like monthly. She is fantastically funny and insightful. I had a bad experience posting comments on her blog (not her, another commenter) so I don't do that now but she is still fun to read.

Maureen Johnson - the author (of course)

I can't remember when I started following her but it was definitely after I read 13 Blue Envelopes. She is insanely funny and posts really long and very funny blogs. I participated in the BEDA project that she started and meet some great people through it. She usually writes about writing or hamsters or J.K. Rowling. You just have to read it.

Speaking of BEDA, I still follow my BEDA buddies blogs (including someone who was my unofficial BEDA buddy) They are

Letter, Words, Thought, Ideas, Stories... - Tiffany Schmidt who is extremely funny

You Should Only Know - Erica Manney who writes about her life

Library Notebook - lindsaygail who is a librarian like me and writes about books and being a librarian

Life in Denim and Flip Flops - Becky Jean who is also a librarian and writes about different things like work, making cards, poetry, etc.

Anyway, these are just some of my favorite blogs. I actually have more, but this is getting long.

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