Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the occasion of my 31st birthday

So today is my birthday which regardless if you know me IRL or on the internet, I will have mention either on Facebook or Twitter. I love birthdays! I think that everyone should use their birthday to do the kinds of things they like to do or eat the foods they like to eat guilt-free.

At my new(ish) work, they have cake for the birthday person and usually go to lunch. But I have traditionally spent my birthday with my husband. So I'm getting off early, we are going to eat a delicious lunch and get my birthday present and then get the boy and spend the day together. I'm excited. Although, I wanted an iced mocha this morning and wasn't able to get one so boo! on that. But anyway, the cake(s) here were so cute and delicious and I'm getting a cookie cake tonight.

I can't really believe I'm 31 already. I don't feel that old and, thank God, I don't look that old. I'm not looking forward to telling people I'm 31 when they ask. The thing about being in your 30's is that you are suppose to be more mature. In your 20's people will chalk things up to your age but I no longer have that luxury. Not that I've ever really done anything too immature, I've been old for a long time. But I always had the option. Now I'm married with a kid in my 30's. People expect more out of you. But that's okay because today is my birthday. I'm not expecting anything out of me except a good time.

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