Thursday, May 28, 2009

We like to read

Well, it's summer 'round here. I need to remember to sign up Bubbie for the summer reading program. Although this parish is doing it different than past years so I'm not sure if it will work for him or not. Last year, we read and listened to books. I count listening to audio books in the car as time since we spent a lot of time doing it and it is just like something reading to him. And, of course, we read at home, usually just one story a night but sometimes he brings me or BT a lot of books. Currently his favorite book is Go, Dog, Go and my husband reads it to him. He does an excellent job with the voices. I'm not so good with that one, but I like reading Green Eggs and Ham. I've read that one to him since he was born. It's cute since whenever I read my books he will grab one and start "reading" it. Hopefully, he will be a reader like me.

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