Friday, April 1, 2011

BEDA 2011 - An Introduction

I figured I'd start out with an introduction for today.  My name is Andrea and I'm a librarian.  Specifically I am an academic librarian in southern Louisiana.  I have been married for 6 years and I have one four year old son whose Internet name is Bub which is also my nickname for him in real life.  I also have two dogs.  Java is a "tweenie" dachshund and Kona is a mixed breed stray who found his way to my mom's front porch and ending up staying for good.

I am also a book blogger at The Little Bookworm and that is where I do most of my blogging on an everyday basis and where I review books and do other fun book related things.  You can find me on Twitter and on Tumblr but my Tumblr is currently mostly about whatever book I am reading.

This is my third BEDA.  I did the first big year with Maureen Johnson and then did August last year when she did it again.  But I decided to join Becky when she started saying on Twitter that they were starting in April.  I'm hoping to make it all the way through this month and blog everyday.


  1. Yay! So glad to have you back Andrea. I always love reading your book reviews and dreaming of having enough time to actually read them. :) The personal blog is fun too.

  2. You can do it! Also, you should watch Doctor Who! :)

  3. The month goes by so fast, this will be fun!

    I will definitely have to check out the book blog you write on. I follow so many of those, so of course I could use another one!

  4. Great to see you're joining us, Andrea! I love the look of your blog, lovely design work. Looking forward to the rest of your posts.