Friday, September 18, 2009

All the Fashion that's Fit to Print (or "Fashion Headliners")

Heidi gave away the challenge in my opinion when she said it would be in black and white.  I knew it was going to be a newspaper challenge and shame on the designers who couldn't figure it out even when standing in the LA Times printing presses or whatever.  So the challenge is to make clothes from newspaper.  The designers grab up what they want and head back to the workspace and then everyone wanders around for a while because they are like whut? I signed up for this!  Yes, you are on Project Runway and long ago this is what the challenges were like, clever and fun to make you think outside the box.  Then Tim Gunn comes in and gives a little history of paper clothes which was interesting.

And he goes around spreading sunshine and destroying dreams.  I <3 Tim Gunn.  He is positive about Gordana, Christopher, and Irina.  He tells Johnny that, basically, his dress is awful and it looks like the (paper) birds attack the dress, not like they are carrying the dress as Johnny has so hoped.  So Johnny balls in up and starts anew all while constructing an elaborate poor me lie in his little head.  Yes!  Because later Johnny decides that the iron spit water all over his beautiful Dior-like (!?) dress and ruined it so he rushed to make an awful one instead and didn't sit around playing a crossword or anything. 
Judges: Heidi, Tommy Hilfiger (all the designers freak out a little), Zoe Glassner (Marie Claire), and Eva Longoria Parker.  Let me say now that I liked Tommy Hilfiger, but I miss Nina and Michael Kors.


Logan - pretty bamboo looking dress
Nicholas - eh, "punk" dress that wasn't really much too look at
Christopher - pretty long ballgown type dress with a great corset and a long foory skirt
Ram'on - short, folded origami dress
Epperson - Kimono/20's dress, cool
Johnny - Short dress with squares of eyes
Gordana - Short, pretty dress that looks like a dress
Carol Hannah - long gown, eh
Shirina - ?
Irina - trench coat with a cool collar
Althea - shiny dress that reminds me of the Empire State building
Louise (whose name I can never remember) - cool high collared dress with some nice details

On the runway, Johnny is a lying liar who lies and lies that he had this amazing dress that got ruined and Nicholas starts laughing so Heidi wants the scoop.  Nicholas says it was not Dior at all and that Johnny threw it away when Tim Gunn didn't like it.

Top 3:
Christopher - comments from judges: looks like art, a WOW, too a risk and it paid off

Althea- genius

Irina- Coca Chanel 60/70s meets new, great alternative to fur

Bottom 3:

Gordana - but barely as it was too wearable and boring

Nicholas - looks like an insect, cockroaches

Johnny - Zoe was positive about it, but the rest said no

Irina is the winner!! I liked the coat, but I liked Christopher's dress better.
Johnny goes home.  Thank goodness.  Tim Gunn goes all Gossip Girl on us and is like that was a ridiculous piece of fiction.  I've never seen Tim Gunn do that before.  Johnny says that giving up a meth addiction was easier than Project Runway!  Johnny is clearly insane.

Models of the Runway:

The beginning and the end of this show is all I care about.  I liked the information that the models had to stand around for 7/8 hours in their paperdresses and couldn't sit or go to the bathroom or move at all and that Lisa had to be lifted onto the runway.  That's what I wish this show was about, the other side of the story with the models and getting ready and stuff.  Not this bullshit Top Model wannabe crap they are pushing.   Because these girls have zero control over their fate on this show.  And I don't care about the at home stuff with the models or the designers.  So blah blah Dreamteam crap and then it's time for the designers to pick their models.  Everyone sticks with their model even though Ram'on didn't want to, but "it was the right thing to do."  Bitch please!  Pick who you want to pick.  So Johnny's model, Emarie, is out and everyone cries.  *sads*


  1. I know! I've never seen Tim lose his temper like that! Did you notice how he dismissed him to go clean up his workspace? He wouldn't even look at him.

  2. He just fiddle with his cuffs and sent Johnny on his way. He must have been really mad.