Friday, September 25, 2009

Celluloid Sewing (or "Lights, Camera, Sew!")

The designers are given a one day challenge.  Create a look based on a genre of film.  So the rest of the episode consists of various people trying to pronounce genre correctly.  Only Tim Gunn can actually do it.  Tim Gunn is made of win though. 
So here is the breakdown:
Nicolas - Science Fiction
Goradana - Period Piece
Irina - Film Noir
Epperson - Western
Logan - Action Adventure
Carroll Hannanh - Action Adventure
Ram'on - Science Fiction
Louise - Film Noir
Althea - Film Noir
Christopher - Period Piece
Shirin - Western

Ram'on is excited to get science fiction since he is a big sci-fi fan.  He decided to make his model look like some reptilian type thing.  I don't know.

Nicolas gives a version of the infamous "Not here to make friends" speech only he does it nicely for a change.  Tim Gunn comes to look around.  He is seduced by Epperson's ruffles, Ram'on's is either going to be good or a "big hot mess," Louise can take it up a notch, Nicolas needs to go bigger.  Ram'on decides to start over because no matter what it is going to be a big mess so why not make it worse?

Judging: why is Heidi dressed like a sparkly grunge person?  She continues to confuse me.
Judges: Heidi, Zoe Glassner (again), John Varvatos, Arianne Phillips (costume designer)

I'm skipping "descriptions" of the runway because frankly I really couldn't describe some of those things and it's too hard with 11 designers.

Top 3:
Nicolas - white evil Ice Queen from space gown. I have to say that with the hair and makeup, it really does look like a film costume.  The entire look is amazing.

Epperson -  Annie Get you Gun western dress made of denim with ruffles and a leather belt and gun holster, very cool

Christopher - Victorian vampire with a great bustle in the back and lots of layers, film worthy as they say

Bottom 3:

Ram'on - green reptile print dress thing, but at least he tried. Zoe (?) called it a "hot green mess" so that's not good

Louise - 20/40's flapper dress that is very confused and isn't really special

Gordana - flapper dress, very pretty, very well made but nothing over the top

Winner: Nicolas (good for him, although I liked Christopher's better but I would have been happy with any of the top three)

Out: Ram'on!!!! He was robbed because Louise's dress was not nearly as creative as he was trying to be and at least he had a story behind his dress.  And Ram'on has always been a stronger designer than Louise anyway.

Models of the Runway:

Bunch of stuff I don't care about and Vanessa worries that she will be eliminated.  BUT Heidi is mixing things up and ALL the designers have to pick models they haven't worked with before.
Irina - Katie
Carroll Hannah - E? somebody
Shirina - Vanessa (who is mighty relieved)
Nicolas - Kalyn
Christopher - Celine
Epperson - Tensha
Gordana - Matar
Logan - Lisa
Althea - Tara
Louise - Koji, because she has to pick her since she worked with Fatima before so it's all based on a technicality

Also I don't think the models are used next week since they are doing some bullshit runway training and there are two models left over.  That might be interesting.

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  1. Have you noticed that whevever they feature a designer talking about why "this challenge is perfect for me!" a lot, that person is almost certainly doomed? In this case Ra'mon going on and on about how he loves scifi.