Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (book)

Welcome to the town of ChewandSwallow where the food rains down and you never have to worry about your next  meal.
That is until the weather starts acting wacky and giant food comes crashing down, crushing buildings and schools.

I know that the movie is coming out this summer and it doesn't look remotely like the book.  It's been years since I read it.  It was one of my favorites growing up.  I always loved the idea of all the food coming down and everything looked so yummy on the page.  I especially liked the giant pancake on the school and the hamburgers in the sky.  Now some 20 years later, I still like those things, but I also kept thinking how sticky and messing everything would be and how much it would smell.  It's a little long to read to the 2 year old right now, but it is definitely one we will be reading to him later.  I hope it becomes one of his favorites too.

The art is very simple and line with strong lines.
I love the art work in this book.  It is so pretty and I like the pictures a lot.

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