Friday, September 11, 2009

Models in Charge! (or "What a Woman Wants" is not an ugly dress)

I miss the old way where the show would start with the model pick and we weren't subjected to 30 minutes of the models being bored.  The only good thing about the Models of the Runway is the beginning and the end.
Anyway, this week the models are in charge and the designers have to design something for them for an industry event (and there actually is one later).  I feel like they keep doing this challenge over and over, but whatever.  It's a one day challenge.  Everyone freaked out!
The models have some strange taste even though they know it is suppose to be for a work event, Shirin's model wants a royal blue jumpsuit. What!? Althea is making a "cigarette" jacket which confuses Tim until he figures out she means a smoking jacket. Oh, so clear now.
So they get their fabric from Mood and start work.  Tim comes around with criticisms/i.e. helping (and woe to the bitch that doesn't listen).  Epperson's dress is good, Logan has a smurf prom dress, Carol Hannah's is "robbing her model of her youth."  Tim can be hardcore.  Epperson is sad because he missses his family.
Judges: Heidi, Marc Bouwer, Zoe Glassner, and Jennifer Rade
Qrystal - black sheath with a ruffle thing on the strap - pretty but boring
Nicolas - white dress with a low back - very pretty
Irina - pretty print
Gordana - gold dress with a very cool woven detail on the front
Shirin - blue dress - can't really remember this one
Logan - blue dress with black lace - very 80's prom, would have looked great in Pretty in Pink or Teen Witch
Christopher - green and black dress - eh
Epperson - brown dress with cris-crossed layers on it - very cool
Johnny - purple dress with a flower detail on the waist - eh

Althea - 3 piece "suit" - very cool, model loves it
Louise - black dress with a ruffle collar - cool, nice detail (love that Fatima talks her up later)
Ram'on - blue dress with a big flower - eh
Carol Hannah - purple/black dress with a shiny pattern on the bottom - cool

So the top designers are Carol Hannah (edgy), Epperson (sexy, cool layering), Althea (everyone want to wear it and her model was one of the best walkers) and the bottom designers are Logan (prom dress), Johnny(bridesmaid), and Qrystal (boring).

Since boring is a mortal sin on Project Runway, Qrystal goes home. *sad*
Also there was a funny thing about Heidi and Epperson's model's boobs.  Heidi wanted them to be perky and they didn't look so in that dress.  She said she worked for Victoria's Secret too long and she is obsessed with boobs.  True since she always brings it up anytime the tops don't fit right on the chest.

Models of the Runway:

I wish they would show the model side of the challenge instead of afterward.  Anyway,  the models actually go to an industry event and act like normal people (not like the Top Model models would act) and most wear what the designers made for them with the exception of Valerie (Qrystal's model) and Koji (Logan's model) which is good.  Johnny's model is so cute and stays loyal and wears her little dress and it is fine.  Christian Audigier from Ed Hardy is there and talks to various models and books Valerie for a show so good for her. Later, the designers stick with their models and Valerie goes home (again).  And that's about it.

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