Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on blog

You may have noticed a change in this blog.  I talked before about how I can't settle on anything.  But I was strangely burdened by the name Half Asleep in Plaid Pajamas which I changed to HA in Paisley PJs and made a new background and header for it and everything.   But I felt pinned down by the name and couldn't decide what it was about.  So after some thought, I decided on Annie, I Think which I liked a lot and think it reflects who I am.  So here we are and I've picked a background that is very me as well.  I'm not saying that won't change but the name is staying.  I promise!
But now I feel I can talk about anything since most everything I post is really my thoughts on things I find interesting.  And with my shows coming back on, I'll be discussing my TV shows a lot and movies, occasionally books (but I have a separate blog for that) and anecdotes from my real life too.  I doubt I will be able to post everyday (it's tiring having to do that), but I plan on at least twice if not three times a week.

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