Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beachy Keen (or "Rumble on the Runway" everybody fights)

So this is very much after the show aired and I'm picking up at the third episode.  I'd like to go back one day and at least do the maternity episode since I've been waiting for it for many seasons.
Anyway this week, the designers are tasked with making California surfwear in teams of two.  Tim Gunn is flip-flops, sunglasses, and a blazer is the best thing.  So the teams are:
Shirin - Carrol Hannah
Logan - Christopher
Nicolas - Gordana
Mitchell - Ram'on (Mitchell wants Ram'on to carry him and he does, but complains the whole time)
Althea - Louise
Qristyl - Epperson (then the whole episode she complains that he is taking over and she is suppose to be the team captain)
Johnny -Irina (picked last, that sucks)

So they start work and there is some clashing and then Tim Gunn goes in and announces that they have to create a second avant garde look. And then they all freak out.  I can't really tell what is going on, but Qristyl and Epperson fight a lot and Ram'on bitches about Mitchell the whole time.  And Mitchell is useless.

Judges: Heidi, Max Azria Nina Garcia, Rachel Bilson

Long story short: Ram'on wins with this avart garde dress he basically made at the last second. Mitchell is out since he can't sew and this is a show about sewing.  Why was he here in the first place?  Heidi is like this has never happened before, a captain goes home while his helper is the winner. 

I like Shirin/Carol Hannah's outfit but whatever.  This season is not that exciting and I can't remember everybody yet.

Meanwhile, the models are very happy that Ram'on won.  There are apparently two sides about Mitchell, but he is out.  His model is nervous.  Vanessa is happy for Ram'on.
So we find out what happened with Erika, the model with the commercial. She wants to continue but goes off to the commercial instead.  This show is so sad because they have like zero control over what happens.  Anyway, models are a little boring, but it's interesting to see how invested they really are.

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