Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dollhouse with BONUS Vampire Diaries!

So last Friday was the premiere of Dollhouse. Let me sum it up Twitter-style (includes actual Tweets!)

Opening of show, something with Ballard. Echo is getting married.

@ Echo's wedding dress reminds me of my own.

@ Unexpected development. What is Ballard's function now?

* Echo walks in & is actually Ballard's undercover partner. Still don't know what his function is.

* Ah, he is the client. ?
@ I love Amy Acker. And now Wesley.

@ Alexis Denisof, I mean!

* He is a member of Congress trying to take down the Dollhouse. Can't wait to see more.
@ I miss November. She was so pretty.

* Exposition on why Ballard released November and kept Echo. Adele implying a lot.
@ Can't wait for Summer Glau to join the cast

@ Ok, Claire is creeping me out.

* Claire is having a hard time with being a doll IRL and is trying to seduce Topher who is creeped out.

* They are crying and discussing the fact that she is real even if she doesn't think so.

* Echo remembers what happened and wants to find the people inside of her.

* Ballard agrees. He becomes her new handler.

* Claire drives away to discover herself or something.

@ Well, that was unexpected. Gearing up for a great season, I'm sure!

And then I watched the season premire of Vampire Diaries that I had saved.

@ I ended up watching Vampire Diaries first episode. Not sure. Does it get better?

@ Although the hotness of Ian Somerhalder might keep me around for a couple more episodes.

@ I will try one more episode just to see.

But I'm not going to try because it was boring and even Ian Somerhalder looks weird so whatever.

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