Thursday, September 10, 2009

In from Netflix

Lately we've been watching a lot of TV shows together, but I'm trying to get caught up before my shows start.  So I'm getting Gossip Girl season 2 and Dollhouse season 1.  I can't wait for the new seasons of these shows.  For the record, I had both of these shows on the DVR waiting to be watched and then I broke the DVR and lost all those shows. *sigh*

Gossip Girl - Season 2 (I love this season.  It's even better than the books and that's saying something)
Expect even more shocking secrets revealed in this hit drama's second season, which continues to trail the privileged life of rich young Manhattan teens. The players, seen through the eyes of a blogger known only as "Gossip Girl" (narrated by Kristen Bell), include Serena (Blake Lively), who left Manhattan for boarding school, her friend Blair (Leighton Meester), who took Serena's place as the "popular girl," and Nate (Chace Crawford), Blair's boyfriend.

Dollhouse - Season 1 (I'm very happy that they renewed this show.)
Eliza Dushku stars as Echo, a member of an elite underground organization that sends its operatives on dangerous missions, then brings them back to their top-secret Dollhouse to wipe out all memory of the assignment. But when Echo starts to recall troubling bits and flashes from her former missions, she begins to question who she is and just what this powerful organization is doing.

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