Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recent trip to Galveston, TX

So my sister was going on a cruise and they were leaving out of Galveston and she talked me and my parents into driving over there to see her.  We packed up and drove over on Saturday morning and got there about 4 and checked into the hotel.  It was nice.  I got a king sized bed for me and the little boy and we got an adjorning room to my parents so we could go in and out and I could Bub down to sleep and not have to stay in the room with him.  At about 2:30 am I was awoken to "Mommy" and he was in my face.  So I cuddled him up to me and we went back to sleep.  But I was too hot with him sleeping on me so I got up and went to the other side of the bed.  Then at 7:30 am I had a little boy in my face again, "Momma, momma, Momma.  Wake up" and he was shaking me.  We went and ate breakfast and went down to the beach and played for a little bit.  Then checked out of the hotel and came home.   It was a nice little trip.  I liked Galveston.  The downtown area was really cool.

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