Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nancy Drew!

Yesterday was the girl detective's 80th birthday.  She looking pretty good for 80 (or 98 as it were).  I first started reading Nancy Drew when I was in elementary school.  I want to say around 4th grade, but my memory is a bit hazy.  I loved those books and read every one in the library.  There was just something about Nancy.  She was so smart, and bold, and good.  She could solve everyone's problems just like that and she was never smug about it.  I think I can credit her with my love of a good mystery to this day.  I moved from her original mysteries to some of the newer ones and can still remember the ones from when she was in college.  But it's the original Mystery Stories that have my heart forever.
Coincidentally I am partipating in a Nancy Drew Reading Challenge on The Little Bookworm and am trying to read all 56 Mystery Stories this year.  I post about them on Sundays during Sleuthing Sundays along with other fun Nancy Drew movies and shows and I'm up to book 21 right now.  It's so fun reading this old books and remembering them from when I was little.  They are so much fun even if a little formulatic.  They are so funny and awesome to read again.  Nancy never ages.  She is timeless. 

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