Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing it down

It's funny.  I find myself wanting to write a blog post because I am frustrated.  But it is not something that I actually want to talk about on the internet or, indeed, to anyone who is not my husband.  So it's crazy that one of my instincts is to write a post about the thing that is frustrating me.  There is something cathatric about complaining on the internet.  Not many people read my blog though I know some do and I know who some of them are (Hey!) which is fine.  That's what this is for.  If I don't want something read or I don't want someone to know something about me, then the last thing I do is post a blog about it.  Because it is unreasonable to think that no one is going to read it.  But just the act of writing it down feels good which is why a lot of people keep journals.  I use to do that, maybe I should go back to it for these things that are not internet appropriate.  It's just so easy to type something up.  I mean, I have Twitter, I have this blog, I have a Tumbler, I have Facebook.  I am all over the place.  But I trying to share out the savvy bits of me while withholding the parts of me that belong to the private world. 

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