Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Last Recruit" (Lost thoughts)


We got a double dose of Jack and Claire acknowledging/find out about their relationship. I was glad to see Kate talk Claire down and hopefully some sense into her.  I knew that dumb-as-rocks Kate would find away to get Claire on that boat.  Not that it really matters, probably.

Locke acknowledged being Christian but said it was for Jack's best interest so Jack seems to be important especially at the end when Locke rescues Jack.  Either that or he really does need them all to get off the Island.  Locke's plans seem to be falling apart around him.  With Sawyer taking his boat and Claire deserting him and Sayid not killing Desmond (I can only assume), he is not going to be happy. 

What is up with the meanness to our Lostaways by Widmore's people?  Not cool, not cool at all.  OMG though how touching was Jin and Sun's reunion.  I may have screamed Oh My God in a very very high pitched voice with arms waving.  And then there may have been a few tears.  Love it so very much.  Sigh.

Sideways worlds are converging very quickly.  There was a whole lot of cross-over with Jack operating on John and Sun seeing John (and I think mistaking him for Locke.  I think she was remembering Island world).  Miles and James captured Sayid, and James had a conversation with Kate.  Man, Desmond is a wee bit creepy though in Sideways world.  Still don't exactly know why he ran John over.

 Jack finally takes his leap of faith after questioning the wisdom of getting off the Island to Sawyer (who he called James.  Has it done that before?).  And what happens?  He ends up with Locke.  But he does have a point about if Locke is a monster then why would they give him exactly what he wants.  Besides he wants to kill all of Jacob's replacements so that would be a good reason not to trust him.

I honestly am not sure what is going on anymore.  It's gotten better thought now that things are happening.  I wish though they would finally say who Locke/MIB is.  There are only four episodes left till the finale, but the action is definitely picking up.

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