Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Hell-O" (Glee thoughts)

I was so excited for last week's Glee.  I watched it immediately after I finished Lost, staying up way too late.  While I was excited for the music and thought it was great, I was less enthusiastic about the actual episode.  For me it jumped around too much, moving way too fast.  The main plot centered around Rachel and her wanting to date Finn now that he is finally free and moving way too fast so she immediately moved onto the suspicious Jessee, star of the rival Vocal Adrenaline.  I don't know.  I just wished they has slowed it down some.

Also Mr. Shue ends up putting on hold on his relationship with Emma because he hasn't been alone since he was 15 and he needs to figure out who he is as an adult.  This is a very mature thing to do.  But then he also makes out with the coach or whatever of Vocal Adrenaline so whatever.

Looking forward to tonight's Madonna episode though.

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