Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Happily Ever After" (Lost thoughts)





Ok, sorry, geeked out for a minute.  Let's see.  I'm assuming Sideways world is the result of the nuclear explosion.  Daniel pretty much said so.  So this reality is not really real?  Certain people seem to know that it's not.  Charlie had a near death experience that lead to him seeing Claire and realizing that is who he loves in every reality (awww, love that so much).  (I loved seeing Charlie, even suicidal weird Charlie.  I hope he shows up in Claire's sideways and they fall in love.)  Desmond saw his Island reality with Penny.  Eloise/Mrs. Hawking seems to know since she tried to stop Desmond from meeting Penny, saying he wasn't ready.  And apparently this new reality gave Desmond the thing he really wanted which was Widmore's approval.  It seems to have done that with everyone except maybe Kate but she said she was innocent whereas in the old reality she was guility.  So maybe that is what she wanted, and Sawyer chose to be a good guy, Jack a good father, Sayid a loving and selfless brother, Jin and Sun...something, John a loving "husband" and son, Ben a good guy.  They all got what they wanted except maybe Jin and Sun but then we haven't seen the end of their story yet.  They are the only couple to survive Sideways and Island.  MIB's new reality or something else?

Also it occurred to me that everyone on that flight ended up in the hospital at some point sooner or later.  Charlie was looking for Claire but she was probably in the hospital.  Sayid with his brother, Jack is a doctor, Kate with Claire, Sawyer? maybe that is where that falls through.  Oh well I didn't know the significance of that anyway.

Widmore put Desmond in the big electromagnetic thing and it proved that Desmond can only exist in one reality or another, yes?  Like when he was jumping in time in "The Constant."  And so he wasn't really there when he was expereincing the other reality.  Also what's up with the chauffeur?

At first, he was eager to help Widmore when he woke up since it seemed he knew what needed to be done.  I'm still not clear on the plan.  I knew it's to stop the big bad Man in Black/Smokey, but I'm not clear on how that is going to happen.  Then Sayid came along to kill everyone and take Desmond and he trots along after Sayid like whatever, brother.

Are the electromagnetic pockets on the Island keeping MIB contained on the Island?  It seems to be important somehow and I know they use the sonic pylons to stop him.  Is that related?

Next week: HURLEY! Oh Lost there is no way I can abandon you for Glee for sure now.  Hurley beats Glee by a whole lot and that is saying something but I do love me some Glee.

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