Thursday, April 15, 2010

On naming blogs and other things

Sometimes I spend my time thinking of blog names which is funny since I had such a hard time deciding on a name for this blog.  It's been called Five x Five after one of my favorite Buffy characters,  Half Asleep in Plaid Pajamas after one of my favorite Tom Robbins books among other things that I can't remember now.  I honestly have no idea what I originally titled it.  Now Annie, I think seems like the perfect name as it encompasses a title of one of my favorite books (Alice, I Think) and also the fact that this blog is very often just a collection of my random thoughts and whims.  So cool, love it, mark it, fine.

I've acquired a Tumblr and had to go through the whole thing again, finally settling on Never Fully Dressed after my favorite Annie song.  (Yes, Virginia there is a pattern).  I feel good about this name.  And now I've thought of a couple of new names for blogs but I'm not about to start blogging in 5 different places.  Let's not get crazy.

But when I think of new names I wonder how many other people have thought of the same name.  So on Blogger I'll start putting in blog addresses that I would use for these names and seeing what I get.  Most often it turns out that, yes, someone else has thought of it too.  But most of these blogs haven't been updated or really used at all.  I see a lot of "My first blog post, more to come" and then nothing.  I wonder what happens to these people.  Do they get new blogs somewhere else?  Did they just not like blogging that one blog?  Are they lazy?  Do they just like thinking of names for things like me?  I'll never know.  But in the meantime, they are taking up perfectly good urls.  Hrmpf.

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