Friday, April 16, 2010

I feel like I should be apologizing

You know lately there's been a lot of posts about someone stealing this or not behaving in the correct way.  Mostly on book blogs, but some other places too.  And the thing is each and every time I wonder do they mean me?  Even though I've never even done the things they are talking about (i.e. plagiarism) or stealing of any kind (that I was aware of) or leaving mean comments.  I mean if I have, then I didn't know or wasn't thinking.  I don't like causing people distress, but I get distressed when I keep seeing these blog posts.  I mean I'm sorry that happened to you, but the majority of your followers/commenters will be shocked and appalled.  I'd hope that you had dealt with the situation privately as well as publicly.  It just makes me feel awkward to have to hear about it.

And now I feel mean that I've said this.

So in case I've done anything wrong to anybody anywhere, I'm sorry I did it.  That is all.

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