Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ramblings about my book sale

Part of my job is to run my library's book sale.  This is the first library that I know of that has the staff run the "Friends" book sale.  Most other libraries have the friends themselves do the book sale.  But there is not a strong friends organization here to do that and so it falls to my position since I am also in charge of book donations.  I am not a huge fan of this part of my job.  I mean I don't mind doing gifts.  I don't even mind doing the sale itself.  It's all the prep work involved and getting people to get their butts out of their chairs and help me.  I do get some very good volunteers from the staff who help and I really appreciate it.  My old staff is enthusiastic and ready to work, but it takes more than 3 people and even with my 2 new people, it still not enough.  And no one wants to work the Friday afternoon and the Saturday so, of course, I do it.  It's fine.  I can read and straighten up.

It's funny to see what people buy and how happy they are to get good and cheap deals on books.  And they buy stuff that I wouldn't think anyone was interested in.  And, in the process, we make money for my library which desperately needs money to buy books since the state keeps taking all of ours.  But that's a different topic.

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