Saturday, November 13, 2010

This weekend

We don't do much on the weekends.  I get off early on Fridays and so the house is cleaned that day so that I can have the weekend and it is easier to clean without the little boy around.  Occasionally we have visitors but mostly it is just us.  BT always works one day during the weekend and so I have Bub most of the time alone.  Often we head over to my parent's the days he works and hang out there.  It's very domestic and quiet which  most of the time I don't mind.

This weekend I'm thinking of doing a little Christmas shopping one day and picking up a toy for a birthday party that Bub has coming up for one of his preschool friends.  Other than that I would like to do some reading.  I have a lot on my to-be-read list and I need to par it down.  I have several reading challenges that I'm trying to finish up soon and so I need to read those books.  I also got some movies from the library for us to watch.  And that is about it.

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