Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Change

I am insanely tired today.  A lot comes from the book sale this weekend and working all day Saturday.  But then the time change and that threw me off.  This is actually my favorite time change.  It is so much easier than the spring one where we gain an hour.  But still when you forget to change your alarm clock and end up getting up at 4:30 am rather than 5:30, it can be a bad thing.  Bub doesn't get up till 6:15/6:30, depending and he is hard to wake up in general, but I think he is getting sick or at least he has this cough and he was not happy about waking up this morning at all.  In fact he screamed at me to go back to bed and then threw an epic tantrum, just refusing to get out of bed.  And then when I walked out of his room, he got up and closed the door and went back to bed so I had to go back in and talked him into to getting up and watching a little TV before he got dressed. 

I got up and did a short work-out and then saw the time and did about 10 more minutes of exercise and then played on the computer for a bit and watched a little TV.  Then I got dressed and started doing my usual stuff.  So at least I sort of used my time wisely.  I think maybe everyone is going to bed extra early tonight though.

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