Friday, November 19, 2010

This weekend

This weekend should be busy.  Bub has a birthday party for one of his preschool friends.  I'm looking forward to it because I never get to see him play with his friends and I bet it is precious.  Also the boy is having his party at the same place I've booked for Bub so I can see how many of their friends show up.  Although Bub's party is at 10 am so that might make a difference.  I don't know.

Then Sunday a local neighborhood is doing their annual Christmas party and we like to go to that.  They have games and a Santa and a "train" to ride and it is really fun.  I like to take Bub to do as many things as I can.  And he enjoys it.  I also need to do some more shopping, though this time just grocery.  And I have to figure out what to get the in-laws for Christmas.  BT is never any help with that.

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