Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Random Things about Me

1. I always wished I'd dyed a pink streak in my hair. Now I'm too old and I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon by the administration. But I think it looks cool.

2. I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo for Mother's Day which is a strange Mother's Day gift maybe but I've had an idea for a tattoo that I wanted as soon as I was done having kids. And I am done.

3. I like designing things and making things. I use to be more crafty but I don't have as much time on my hands as I did with just Bub once he got past the toddler years. Once Button is older I should be able to do more things. But I love making their birthday invitations and all the stuff that goes with it and making posters and flyers for my work. I'd like to do more of that one day. I like to be creative.

4. I wanted to be a psychologist specializing in jury selection. But I overshot myself in grad school applications and got discouraged. So I went to library school instead. I'm proud of being a librarian (mostly) but I had quite a few other opportunities that I passed up and I sometimes regret not taking them.

5. I've never lived outside of the state of Louisiana. And that's mostly fine. We've got great food and good people (in general). If we ever move to another state, it will be Florida mostly likely.

6. I'm the oldest of all the children-in-law in BT's family. I've also been around the longest at 13 1/2 years with my sister-in-law at 12 1/2 and my brother-in-law at 6 1/2. But I'm one of the youngest in my family being the 2nd to youngest grandchild on my dad's side and the youngest on my mom's.

7. I'm the only one in my mother's family with a master's degree. Usually my achievements have already been done coming from a large family on both sides, but this one is all my own for a change.

8. I can't find lost things that belong to me but I have better luck with other people's lost items. I also get really frustrated when I can't find what I'm looking for and can get a bit shouty.

9. People always ask me what my favorite book is because I read a lot and I'm a librarian. Truthfully I can't really say. Someplace to Be Flying by Charles DeLint is usually my answer and it is one of my top books but I find it hard to really narrow down to an absolute favorite.

10. I'm the most awkward small talker. I think I'm a naturally funny person but until I can gauge what kind of humor the other person has I have a hard time talking to them.

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