Monday, April 29, 2013

Resolutions {Revisited}

At the beginning of the year I set up some resolutions/goals for this year. I'm going to try and periodically check in on them to keep myself on track.

1. I'd like to start working out again.
I've been stopping and starting with this on and off for a couple of months now. I feel so lazy but I'm just tired. The way our lives are run right now leaves both BT and I on our own a lot with the kids and nighttime is usually my time. So I'm not getting enough sleep and so right now that extra half hour in the morning looks pretty attractive. But I am going to start and keep it up. It will be easier now maybe now that Button is fully weaned. I hope. I'm going to try.

2. I'd like to be on my phone/electronics less.
I'd like to say that I put my phone down once I get home and don't pick it up again until the kids are in bed but I'd be lying. I usually look at it while sitting watching Button take a bath and I'll pick it up periodically through the night. I do find I'm looking at it less and I don't at all when we eat together or when we are watching TV. I also find that I am trying to play more with Bub and Button though they like to do different things so I'm working on a balance between the two of them. I think that is just the struggle of a mother of more than one though, finding that balance. Luckily Bub is very forgiving of me, a blessing with his high maintenance sister.

3. My eternal struggle: to have more patience. 
It's gotten easier now that Bub's ADHD is being controlled. That sounds terrible but it's the truth. He is able to listen better now and I don't find myself having to repeat constantly, something I hate to do. I also make more a concentrated effort to focus in on him. I'm not perfect so sometimes I lose it with him. But I'm trying.

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