Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 pet peeves

1. When people stop the microwave a few seconds before it is suppose to go off and then just leave the time on there. Just hit clear and set it back to normal. What am I going to do with 2 seconds?

2. When people turn off the automatic lights at work. Last year they upgraded us to automatic lights to try and save electricity or something and they are nice but some people have not made the adjustment and will turn the light off with the button. Which is fine until I walk into the room and the lights don't come on automatically and I have fumble around in the dark for the lights.

3. When anyone touches my face or tries to turn my head for me. My son does this a lot and it drives me crazy. I don't know why but it just sets me off. I am always asking him to stop touching or turning my face.

4. When a driver passes me up by speeding and then turns about a mile down the road forcing me to come to a complete stop or slow down significantly. Really? REALLY!? This person honestly could not wait for another mile. It's not like I'm ever going that slow. I drive the speed limit or about 5 miles above it. But some people get into terrific hurries and apparently cannot stand it. This usually leads to a little road rage for me and often involves honking and gesturing on my part. Just don't do that. I don't want to have to stop because you got impatient.

5. When I am reading a book but someone decides to talk to me anyway. Seriously I am doing something here. I am too polite to say something but rest assure that I am thinking bad things about the interrupting person. It's pretty much why I stopped eating lunch in the lounge. You'd think librarians would recognize the sanctity of reading time but not always.

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