Monday, April 15, 2013

Meal Planning

I've never been good at meal planning consistently. I go in and out of phases. But it's something I'd like to be better at. Stopping at the store after work is tiring. It cuts into my time with my kids and it's not good on the pocketbook. I'm trying to tighten up our spending and so meal planning is back in my life. We use to use e-meals which was great. It provided the meals and also gave the shopping list. We quit using it and now I'm considering going back. But it gave me a good idea of what I was suppose to be doing. So from now on I am going to make my list either Friday or Saturday morning and use some time during the weekend to go shopping for our week's meals. There is something so satisfying and freeing about going home after work and having everything I need already there. And it eliminates the dreaded what to have for supper conversation. I hate having to think about that everyday. With meal planning I only have to think about it once and that sounds good to me.

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