Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

Bub recently lost his first tooth. It's actually the first tooth he ever got in and I got a little misty over it. I honestly don't consider myself a sentimental type person but it was just another indication that he is getting older and won't be my little boy much longer.

I can't remember how much money I got when I lost a tooth. I doubt it was more than a quarter if even that. My cousin gave his daughter $10 when she lost her first tooth but that is crazy and also a lot of money. BT and I never really discussed it but it seems we somehow agreed to $1. A friend of mine's daughter lost her first tooth recently and my friend's sister suggested a gold $1 coin which sounds more special than just the paper bill. So when Bub's tooth started to get really wiggly I decided I needed to go to the bank. Well, actually I procrastinated and then finally went to the bank. But the point is I made it and got out 5 gold $1 coins (for the future) and in the nick of time too. That night I was holding Button and walking past Bub and he put his hand to his mouth suddenly. I asked if his tooth had fell out and he said no but then he came away with it in his hand. We both got really excited and went looking for something to put it in so it wouldn't get lost. The only thing I could find was a little plastic box so we stuck it in there and Bub put it under his pillow. That night after BT got home from work I sneaked in and exchanged the tooth for one of the coins. Bub was so excited in the morning when he found it. Honestly I don't know if he even cared about the amount. He was just happy that the tooth fairy had come.

So now the tooth is in a little silver shoe thing that someone had bought when I was pregnant with him. And I'm wondering what I am suppose to do with the next tooth to fall out. It seems sad to throw them out. But I also don't want a whole set of baby teeth because that just seems creepy. I know with my hoarder tendencies I am going to have a hard time tossing them. But still what am I going to do with a bunch of loose baby teeth? I guess just suck it up and let go.

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