Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Favorite game apps

When I finally upgraded to a smartphone I wasn't really excited about all the apps you can get because I didn't understand the excitement. But of course then I discovered the games. I have quite a few on my phone. Some of them (like the Angry Birds mostly) are for my son but there are a few that I play regularly. I am more inclined to play one player games than ones that you have to play against someone else. Eventually you are at the mercy of someone else and usually someone stops playing. Like with Draw Something. I had about 15 games going and then everyone but 1 person stopped playing. 

Candy Crush is my obsession right now. My sister is playing it and I decided to play it too. I'm stuck on level 30 now and she says that there are over 200 levels. I don't know if I'll last that long. I sometimes get bored in the middle of games. But it's fun and it feeds into my obsessive personality.

One of my other favorites is Clouds and Sheep. It feeds the part of me that loved playing The Sims. You have to feed and water the sheep and keep them happy. And sometimes you electrocute the sheep because you have too many of them and need to thin the herd. It's fun. My son also plays this one though I don't let him play with my flock anymore because he killed them all one time.

The other two I play are Cut the Rope which probably everyone else has stopped playing by now and Sushi Swipe. Cut the Rope is a fun puzzle game and Sushi Swipe is more of a Tetris type game but not as hard as Candy Crush which combines the two types.

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