Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 random tips about Disney World

1. Don't bring an infant or potty training child. While Disney is very accommodating with their child swap passes, it is still a pain to have to switch out to ride a ride. I had to go on Soaring alone on our last trip. They do also have nice baby care centers that offer everything from baby products (for sale) to nursing rooms and changing tables. The only one that was a pain to get to was in Epcot and I didn't use it. Our hotel was only 5 minutes from the park on foot so I could just as easy walk there than to the baby center. The one at Animal Kingdom is super nice and the nursing rooms are quiet.
Also we took Bub when he was 3 and in the middle of potty training. Don't do that. It was confusing to him because we allowed him to wear pull-ups and he was never sure what do or where to do it. Next time we go Button is going to be potty trained and big enough to ride most of the rides. Probably at about 6 years old then or, at the rate my kids grow, 10.

2. Wear good shoes. Duh, right? Every Disney trip tips article will tell you that. I still haven't found the right shoes. Tennis are ok as long as it is not hot, flip-flops about killed me. Crocs were ok. It helped to alternate shoes and not keep wearing the same pair over and over. My mother-in-law and my husband seemed to have hit on the right pair of shoes. I need to do the same next time.

3. The People Mover is more popular than the travel guides would have you believe. So I had a plan. I read many things on breastfeeding at Disney World. At Magic Kingdom I was going to use the People Mover and nurse her on there. After all, it's not the most popular ride and there is hardly ever a wait. Also they will usually let you stay on. But no. It broke and then when it reopened suddenly there was a 15 minute wait and every car was filled. Now I've gotten better at nursing in public but I didn't want to sit in cart with a whole bunch of other people. I ended up nursing her on the bridge to Tomorrowland. The next trip to the Magic Kingdom yielded much the same results. I should have tried the railway.

4. Nap times are awesome and always a good idea. We stayed at the Yacht Club Villas resort. So on the days we went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios a break was taken and we went back and napped, cooled off and relax for a bit. It was a good idea especially with the baby. On the days we went to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom we ended up staying all day. It was too much of a pain to get back on the bus. Animal Kingdom wasn't too bad because by then we'd rented a stroller for Bub which was easier for him and easier for us. But the day at Magic Kingdom ended with us being tired and cranky.

5. Eat at Be Our Guest. You won't reget it even if you just do lunch. It is amazing. Also awesome was the Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom.

6. Don't hesitate to buy something you really like. Each park has souvenirs geared just to them and I missed out on a great shirt because I waited to see what else was available and we didn't go back to that park. On the same note, make sure you know what souvenirs you are going to buy and try to stick with that. Otherwise, you might go crazy with the buying.

7. The Disney buses are not great. Don't expect them to be. For the most part we had good luck with the buses except for one trip when it took 2 hours from the beginning of our wait to getting off at the hotel. I think the driver was new or lost or something. The water transit was better though.

8. We had the meal plan this time and it was awesome. One sit-down, one quick service and one snack was plenty of food and for the most part it was all good.

9. Strollers are good even for 6 year olds. Button was a no-brainer at less than age 1. But I tried to convince BT to rent a double stroller so Bub could ride too. He either didn't believe me or expected more out of our boy child. In the end we rented Bub a stroller for most of the days we were there. Yep. I was right.

10. Never go in the summer or at Christmas. I have zero experience with Christmas but it seems like the truth. However, we did go in June one year and absolutely will never do that again. Crowded, hot, miserable. Disney is always fun but there are levels of fun and June brought the level down. Mardi Gras (February) was a good time. The weather got a little hot but not unbearable and the crowds were manageable. October was great! But then we were on our honeymoon and didn't have kids so that might have contributed to the extra fun factor. That and the Food and Wine Festival which we loved. I think for our next trip we are going to try to go at that time of year again.

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