Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{future} potty training

I know, I know. It's probably too soon to really think about potty training but the thought occurred to me after Button's first birthday that she will be 21 months at Christmas. Is that too young for potty training? I know some people who've started at 18 months. For Bub, we wanted to wait it out until he gave indications of readiness. He wasn't interested. Finally at 3, we sort of made him do it. Because it was holding him back from moving onto preschool. And by 3 he knew what he was suppose to be doing. He just didn't want to do it. So by the time it was all over he was 3 1/2 years old. I'm hoping with Button it doesn't take that long. She's a girl. She's a second child. Those factors usually mean potty training earlier especially combined with the fact that she always wants to do what he is doing.

At Christmas I have 2 weeks off. And with the exception of a few days I'll be home with her to give it a try. Of course, I'll have to see what signs she is exhibiting but she already doesn't like having a dirty diaper. My husband laughed at me. I don't think he believes. I mean it is a long shot but after she turns 2 then it really will be closer to time to start. I just really don't want her to be 3 before she is done with diapers. I am so tired of diapers and I know I have another year of them. Of course she should probably learn to walk first. One thing at a time. *sigh*

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