Friday, April 12, 2013

Daddy's Girl

The other day we each were holding a kid. I had Bub and BT had Button and my cousin remarked on Momma's boy and Daddy's girl. And that definitely has a ring of truth in our family. I sometimes joke that I'm just here for the milk because Button favors her dad a lot more than Bub did. Growing up my dad wasn't around most of the time (without getting into any family issues, he lived with us and all. He was just not really present) and so I can't really say that we bonded like I've seen other father/daughters bond. I cannot honestly say that I am a Daddy's Girl. So this phenomena between my husband and our daughter is new for me. I'm glad for BT though because he would get his feelings hurt by Bub's preference for me. I think that a big part is the fact that BT is her primary care giver and he watches her all day whereas I only have a few hours at night and then the weekends. The bigger part is just that he is a great dad. I asked him once about that and he said that he knew he was doing something right because Bub would come to him for comfort and that is something he never would have done with his own dad.

Button is definitely a daddy's girl though. She said "Dada" first but then most babies do. She rarely says "Mama" but she calls for him a lot. They are together everyday and so it is only natural. A part of me is a little jealous but most of me is happy that they have this kind of relationship. I can't imagine having a partner who is not in 100% in parenting with me. BT is all in and it shows. Button is always happy to see him. She has him wrapped around her finger and he doesn't seem to mind. There is going to be trouble with the two of them later. I can tell. But that's ok. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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