Saturday, April 27, 2013

He cooks, she cooks.

My husband is an excellent cook. Me, not so much. I just never give it the attention that it needs. I am a careless cook. I forget to watch the stove and something burns or boils over. I'm a better baker. It requires more precision and more science. I like exactness and scheduling. Cooking is about tasting and trying. I'm a creative person, just not a creative cook. BT is better though. It must run in his blood. His Noni was a good cook and his brother has been professionally trained as a chef. So it's not really no surprise that he turned out as good as he is. Damn that boy can cook is one of my favorite phrases along with that's why I married him. But lately as our work and life schedules has changed I've had to take a more active role in the dinner making process. It's not something I was excited about but it's been a necessity. I've had to go outside my box and start making better food. Pinterest has been helpful.

So BT had the idea of a food blog where he can write about the more elaborately fine things he cooks and I can talk about the quick meals that I make. We talked about it briefly but then one day he said he really wanted to do this. So I obliged and made a blog on WordPress, a new platform for me. And with that He bites. She bites. Wee bites. was born.  I still working on layout and trying to figure out WordPress but it's coming along. Food blogging is something completely new to me and not something I ever thought I'd do. But it's a fun activity for the two of us and it's nice having a hobby together.

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