Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Children's music

Is it weird that I sometimes listen to children's music without my child?  Because if it is, then I totally don't do that.  But seriously.  I like Laurie Berkner especially "Five Days Old," "Mr. Bassman," and "Family," which always chokes me up a little..  Very cool songs that are fun to listen to, even at my advanced age of 32.  I like the Imagination Moves though less so on CD than on TV.  And there is an album called Baby Loves Jazz that does amazing and funky things with some old favorites.  I never thought I'd voluntarily listen to preschool music, but there are some really good things out now instead of the super squeaky crap that is on TV a lot of times.  And Kids Bop or whatever.  I promise you that I'm never going to buy anything where children sing popular songs, not even if it is all cleaned up.  Because I just cannot take that. 

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