Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

The other day on Twitter someone linked to spearmint baby's rainbow cupcakes and I knew I had to do this.  With a little help from the boy, that is.  He mostly helped with the mixing of the white cake.  I didn't let him get into the dyed batter.  So I used Pillsbury white cake mix with the egg white recipe as suggested and divided the batter into 6 colors: red (which came out pink), blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. 
In the end, I didn't divide it evenly enough so when I went to make the layers I ran low on some colors.  I also failed to divide what I did have evenly among the cupcakes.  But that's okay!  While the ones from spearmint baby are very layered, mine ended up with sort of a tie-dyed look which was very cool.
in the pan

out of the pan, you can see through the liner

In the end half got topped with yellow and the other half with purple.  I iced them with a whipped cream frosting by Betty Crocker which was the perfect thing since the cupcakes were light and fluffy and so was the icing.  They went really fast and everyone liked how cute they were.


  1. WOW. Those look so amazing. I'm very tempted to try a hand at making rainbow cupcakes as well...

  2. I love these, just made some myself! Check 'em out at

    Great Blog!