Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five places I'd like to visit that I have never been

When I was 17 I went on a trip to Europe.  We went to Italy, England, and France and it was fun and I'd like to go again one day with my husband.  But there are some place I have never been that I'd like to go.

1. Greece - My in-laws have gone several times and they love it.  It looks so beautiful and bright.  I'd like to see the ruins of course but also the villages on the coast.

2. New York - My cousin and I have been perpetually planning a trip to New York for most of our lives and one day I'd like to go with her.  I think we would have fun and it seems like a good fun trip.

3. Los Vegas - I think this would be a fun group trip to take with friends and/or family.  I'm not really a gambler but I think I would have fun there.

4. Ireland - I've been to Europe, but not Ireland and so I'd like to go.

5. Japan - It seems like a cool place and, it might sound stupid, but I love anime and manga and I am fascinated by this island-country.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I've never been to Greece, but I agree I would love to go there! It's on my top 10 places to go.

    2. New York. Make sure you're ready for all the walking and the amount of pretzels you are going to eat!

    3. Vegas. Pretty but only for a day or two.

    4. Ditto.

    5. No comment.