Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My grandparents

B ack to the blog writing prompt generator which asks about my grandparents.  Well, most of mine are deceased.  All of them lived in Oklahoma so I really only saw them when we went for two weeks in the summer.   All of our family vacations were spent in Oklahoma seeing our family up there.  Both of my parents are from Oklahoma so most of the family is up there.

My maternal grandfather died when I was five and I barely remember him except that he sat in the same chair always at the dining table and that was always his chair and after he died no one wanted to sit in his chair.  But I really don't remember interacting with him at all.  My maternal grandmother died when I was 22.  It was right before my bachelors graduation and my parents went up for the funeral, but I didn't get to go.  But something happened with their flight or something and they missed my graduation, but made it for the party.  They both felt really bad about missing it, but it is just one of those things.  I was never very close to my mother's mother.  She was nice enough and loved us and wanted us to have a good time, but it was boring at her house and looking back I feel back about how much I hated going over there.  But it was always hot and my favorite cousin/best friend was at my other grandparent's house and so I wanted to be with her.  We managed to entertain ourselves though and I associate certain things with her, Uno, chicken fried steak, white gravy and biscuits, wrestling.

My paternal grandfather died when I was 16 and very close to high school graduation.  We went up to Oklahoma for the funeral and stayed for about a week.  It was very sad.  I have a lot of good memories of their house.  This has a lot to do with the aforementioned cousin.  They also had a farm with animals and that played a big part.  My grandpa would let us ride his horses quite a bit.  There was one named Lady that was his favorite for us kids.  She was very gentle.  I remember following him around when he slopped the pigs and he let me feed the horses or help feed the dogs (he raised beagles).  He had a horse trough that he would fill up and we would "swim" in it.  There was a big pond (well, several) near the house and he would take us fishing.  Thinking back, he did a lot of stuff with us even though he was really busy.

My paternal grandmother is still alive, thank goodness.  She will be 90 years old soon and she is the cutest little lady.  She used to be 4'9" but now she is like 4'5" or something.  She really did shrink.  I have a lot of nice memories about her too.  She would make us chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup.  She put up with us running around her house and never really fussed too much though we spent a lot of time outdoors.  She was always happy with whatever little presents we gave her like a good grand/mother does even when it was nothing but a flower from her own garden.  I'm glad that she lived to see my son and I hope my next one gets to meet her too. 

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