Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Last night I found myself watching Hannah Montana: The Movie.  No one knows why and I'll admit that I've already seen it.  It's a cute movie, a bit more serious than the show which loves slapstick humor.  But I had a few thoughts.  Through the whole movie everyone complains about how much Miley uses Hannah to do all kinds of rockstar stuff and Miley as Hannah does a few shady things but nothing overwhelmingly bad.  It's like her family and friends make no effect to understand where she is coming from although Miley is fairly selfish to begin with.  So her dad brings her to Tennessee to get back to her roots and slow down a little.  This might be fair because otherwise Miley will become even more of a selfish monster.  So the whole movie everyone is like Hannah is stupid, be Miley, blah blah and of course Miley still tries to be both and it ends in disaster each time.  She pisses off her dad, and the whole town, and her new boyfriend.  Then at the climatic moment Miley rips off her wig and says she can't do it anymore, sings "The Climb" (a song I like) and walks away.  Suddenly the whole town is yelling at her to be Hannah again!  It's like the whole lesson they tried to teach the entire movie is gone!  And I refuse to believe that a whole town is going to keep this secret plus there had to be some out-of-towners there.  I mean, honestly there is just no way.  But Disney has a season left of Hannah Montana and so there ya go.  I'm still not sure what Miley was walking away from, Hannah completely or the rockstar life or what.  Plus all of that over a boy who never comes up again, ever.

I actually like Miley Cyrus to a certain degree.  I'm not fond of her new Taylor Momsen attitude but that is par on course for a Disney girl trying to outgrow their franchise.  And Hannah Montana was a HUGE hit for Disney so it casts a long shadow.  I don't think though she is the best actress.  She is surrounded by good actors and that makes it a little more obvious.  To be fair I've only seen most of the cast in the sitcom so I have nothing to go on otherwise.  But Emily Osment and Jason Earles are clearly much better actors.  And so it is a shame that they have very little do in the movie, although it is a lot more than Mitchel Musso.  But still both the Cyruses, Miley and Billy Ray, are not the best of the cast.

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