Saturday, August 21, 2010

In which I contemplate more tattoos

I posted before about my tattoos.  One day after having my last child, I plan on getting their newborn footprints done and that should be it.  But I guesss I have the itch for getting a tattoo because I feel like getting a fleur de lis.  These are my two picks right now:

I like them both.  I think the ribbon is very pretty without being too structured.  I like the second one because it isn't very detailed and still has that flower look.  So I don't know.  I'm not even sure where I'd get it.  I thought about on my ankle, but I can't decide how much that would bother me.  I'm not a fan of the arm or breast and I won't put it on my stomach.  I could do my hip or my upper leg.  My shoulder would be fine but I'd never be able to cover it up with fancy dress clothes and that is important to me.  I've always wanted a foot tattoo but I'm not sure the fleur de lis would lend itself to that.  Any suggestions?


  1. I like the ribbon one. I have an anklet tattoo which started out as just a daisy on my inner ankle. It's interesting because lots of people don't notice it. I like the ankle because it's easy to cover with clothes if you need to but isn't tacky when you show it off (like some other body parts!) I also have one on my right upper hip :)

  2. Well where ever you decide to get it I like the ribbon one better, though. I love love LOVE the idea of your kids new born footprints! I would do that on your hip/upper leg just because you have more room (I don't know how many kids you have). If you only have two I would get a pair of feet on each foot... haha. I like the ankle best for the ribbon though.

  3. Sorry me again and if you only have one child get left on left and right on right.

  4. @Jennifer - Thanks. I'm starting to think ankle would be best.

    @Taylor - Nice idea about the footprints on feet! I have one son now and plan on only having one more so my idea is to get his right footprint in blue and then my other child's left footprint in another color (color dependent on the sex). So a pair of feet from two different people.