Friday, August 6, 2010

Reality shows I WILL Watch

I'm not big on reality TV.  I don't like the competition shows and I've never gotten into any singing or dancing shows.  I used to be a big Project Runway fan but it's gotten really boring and stale so no more.  I used to watch America's Next Top Model but Tyra is completely ridiculous and I can't stand to watch her anymore.  That was a funny show though.   There are a couple of shows that I still like however and will watch if I come across them.

I like Say Yes to the Dress and it took me forever to figure out why.  It's because it's funny how much drama people create over a dress.  Sometimes though they have really touching stories.  Also PRETTY DRESSES.  And now there is Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta which might be great.  Southern people and weddings should equally some great drama.

I also like I Didn't' Know I was Pregnant.  It just seems so crazy that all these women didn't know they were pregnant until they go into labor and then have perfectly healthy babies.  I wonder if they only pick people whose babies turned out ok because there has to be someone out there who didn't a good experience.  Not that I want something bad to happen to anyone or any baby but still.  Maybe the message they are passing along is that prenatal care isn't necessary.  I don't know.  But I still like it.

Along the same vein I like 16 and Pregnant.  It's interesting to see how different teens handle being a parent.  Often I simultaneously want to slap them and hug them because they just don't get it.  I like the teens who actually take care of their babies and don't try to pass the baby off to their mom.  Sometimes the adult parents are good, sometimes they are worse than the teenagers.  It's fascinating stuff.

And House Hunters.  I've always like looking at houses and this show appeals to the voyeur in me.  I especially like House Hunters International because of all the beautiful locations.

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