Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I need to dress like a grown-up

N ow I'm a 32 years old, the mother of one child and a professional librarian.  That means that I have a masters degree in something so I'm "highly educated."  And yet I have a problem dressing like the professional I am suppose to be.  My workplace is fairly causal, jeans are allowed.  But as a librarian I feel like I should dress like one.  Not an old shhhhhing librarian, but a young professional at least.  I am more inclined to jeans and a t-shirt especially on days when I feel blah.  And I actually own dress clothes but then I have to iron them.  Ironing means threatening my child with time out if he touches the ironing board at least 5 times for every 2 minutes the iron is out.  Ironing means making the effort to mess with my clothes the night before.  For a while, I was really good.  I'd get my clothes together and iron them and set them out for a week.  I was so awesome and felt very prepared for life.  But, as with everything, I slacked off and faded back to my jeans and polos.

Lately I've gained more responsibility and more employees and will be working at the reference desk daily.  I cannot look like one of the students.  I need to look more like the professionals.  So back to ironing for me.  I've getting my dress pants and my dressier shirts out and my heels on and heading out.  But I'm still wearing jeans on Friday.

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