Thursday, August 5, 2010

In which I post random things about clothing and tiny children playing soccer

My clothes that shipped on Monday still haven't come in yet.  Which is stupid, right, because they will probably be today.  It's just that this seems to be taking abnormally long and I don't even have a tracking number from one company.  Remember when you'd get a catalog in and it had a mail order form and you either had to call or mail the form back to order clothes and stuff?  Yeah, I think I just showed my age.  I would like obsess over the Delia's catalog over and over and mark it up, but I only bought a few things.  Same thing with Victoria's Secret.  My cousin and I had an obesssion with that catalog.  I always like how everything matched.  I'm big on matching.  And now I can't stand Victoria's Secret.  Their bras are really bad for someone like me.  They gap too much and the straps don't stay up. 

In other news, I was driving to work today and at a four way stop there was a sign for soccer starting at age 3!  Yeah.  I texted BT and asked if we should sign Bub up for soccer and he said Hell Yeah.  So the registration is on Saturday and I will go sign him up for "Turf Tykes."  It will be so cute.  I hope he likes it.  I'm thinking it will be a good way from him to run around and maybe learn something about rules and sports.  And they get a uniform.  So precious!

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