Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harry Potter Survey

What house do you claim to?
Ravenclaw first, Hufflepuff second

I like to read and study and can be said to be pretty smart.

Who are your favorite characters?
Ginny, Luna, the Weasleys twins

Which characters do you think you would befriend?
Hermione, Luna, maybe Neville

Who are your least favorite characters?
Draco Malfoy

What would your patronus be?
I like to say a Tiger, but it would probably be something cute, like a dachshund

What would your favourite class be?

What would your least favorite class be?
History of Magic

Who would be your favorite teacher?
all time teacher - McGonagall
one shot - Lupin

Least favorite teacher?
One shot: Umbridge

What wizarding career would you choose for yourself?
I'd probably be a librarian or own an owlery

What kind of wand do you have?
Hawthorn, 12", Unicorn Hair

Any pets (owls, cats, toads)?
An owl or a cat

Favourite magical item?

Favourite magical candy?
Chocolate Frogs

Magical drink of choice?

Favourite store in Hogsmeade?

Favourite magical creature?

Scariest magical creature?

Who would you ask to the Yule Ball?
One of the Weasley twins

Favourite magical location?


How long have you been a fan?
1999 when the third book was out

How did you first become introduced to Harry Potter?
I saw the books in the library and thought they might be like Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series so I picked them up.

How do the movies compare to the books for you?
Fine.  I like the books better, of course

Do you play any of the video games?
Played the first three.  I'd like to get the Lego Harry Potter next.

Favorite book and why?
Half-Blood Prince.  It was where things started coming together.

Least favourite book and why?
The Order of the Phoenix.  I know it was for a good reason but I was so tired of Harry's angsting.

Favourite film and why?
Prisoner of Azkaban.  The actors were finally learning how to act and I love the feel of the whole movie.

Least favourite film and why?
Sorcerer's Stone.  They cannot act and the challenges seem silly now.  Also the animation was terrible.

Listen to the audiobooks?
Yes!  Three times.  More than I've read the books (2 times)

Listen to any podcasts?

Favorite aspect of the Harry Potter community?
I don't know.

Favorite ship(s)?
Harry/Ginnny, Ron/Hermione

Do you do any Potter related art/music/writing, etc?

Ever cosplayed or dressed up as a character?

How many midnight releases have you made it to?
Three for the last three books at the public library I worked at.

List some favorite Potter-related memories?
I guess just waiting for the next book and having book discussions with my friends.

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  1. The new Lego Harry Potter is great. I'm not much of a game person in general, but it works for me, and I've talked to people who are REALLY into gaming, and they enjoy it as well. It's awesome, they actually include things from the books in the game, not just the movies :) So yes, I highly recommend you check it out if you get the chance :)